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Jorgnsn are two brothers from the cold and windy country of Norway. In our spare time we love to explore new technologies and make stuff from bits and bytes that we post on this website.

Peder Jørgensen is the smart guy doing all the coding (and writing). If I'm not coding away on some new project I might be making music or sound design for moving images over at Klinger or radio over at Verden sterkeste mann or I might be in the middle of mixing a new song with one of the cool bands i've had the pleasure to work with. You can check out a few here: The Wombats, Team me, Jack Dalton, Kavaleriet. I am now also appearing on... Google plus!!!

Jørgen Jørgensen is the graphic designer he likes to design stuff and loves to make 3d models. If he's not photoshopping or 3d modeling you might find him behind a piano or drum kit in the city where we where born, Vadsø. Jørgen is still living in 2011 so you have to go to Facebook to find him.

pictures of us trying to look cool:

Peder Jørgensen
peder.jorgensen at gmail
Jørgen Jørgensen
jorgen.s.jorgensen at gmail

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