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The summer is definitely over in Oslo, and I've been on a coding spree! First, has grown steadily since it's release and reached 10 000 unique visitors last month! Most of them coming from google.
We've Been working on a big sound software project that I started last year, and i'm starting to see the light in the end of the tunnel, it's by far the biggest project i've ever taken on, and it looks like it's gone be good. Picked it up again in july and I've written a lot of code since then. Most of the functonality is in place now. Our big brother Jon Arne whom is usualy busy recreating a commodore 64 in aurduino has helped us out with some C code to speed it up. He made the built in audioop library for python work with 24bit audio files and added a few extra functions, it's open source, and a great tool for everyone that's working with sound in python. it's available on github: extended-audioop.
We've also made some other stuff since the last update, Jorgen has made some great 3d renderings and architectural visualization, we realy we need to make a new website to show it of. Oh, and I made this: The professional file namer

iTrust was featured on a japanese tv-show a few weeks ago so we thought we'd give the people buying it some value for their money, so.... We've finally updated iTrust!

V2.0 is out on the app store, The new features are:

- Retina display support
- A new design
- You can now passcode lock iTrust.

The update is of course free for everyone that has bought the old version.
Get it in the app store

I've been busy working with sound and music stuff lately, so haven't done as much coding as i have been wanting to. I'll get a lot of free time in the summer holiday so hopefully i'll get back to coding on the big sound project i started last year. I have however been spending time updating since christmas, adding a few new features and tweaks, and a lot of films. Jørgen has however been modeling and rendering loads. He is building impressive things in unity. We're planing on making a section here on the site where he can show of some his stuff.